Eyes on the Lens

One of the most challenging types of photography is portrait photography. Unlike fashion photography that relies on lighting, wardrobe and set up, the power of a portrait photo relies on the effort the photographer into capturing the essence of the person being photographed. The concept of having “photogenic” people is a myth. Even the quirkiest of individuals can look wonderful in a portrait image if the right environment and lighting are applied. In fact, sometimes a gaze into the camera lens can be more powerful than any prop in the world.



While colors can serve a crucial role in photography when it comes to amplifying a certain scene, sometimes removing them places more focus on the cast, their features, and their expressions. I worked on the below series of images with my colleagues Cathy and Garit in an attempt to create images that are raw and distinct.




A dramatic contrast effect was also utilized in order to maintain an emphasis on the casts’ features and keep the audience’s focus on their faces. It is also essential to build a connection with the people you are using for your portrait photography, mainly because their personality is what gives the image all that zest and character.


An immense thank you to the wonderful people who helped bring this project to life:

Are there any portrait photographs that really resonated with you? Please do share them.

Should you wish to contact me for a photoshoot or to learn more about the services I offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out on info@issask.com  


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