7 years in Dubai

December this year I will be completing my seventh year in Dubai.

Seven years full of memories.

The one thing I cherish the most about my time in Dubai is the space that I feel I have to be what I can be, and the chance to interact and meet people who help me grow and make this place beautiful after you stop noticing the tall buildings and massive shopping malls.

This blog entry will keep on growing for the next few weeks with portraits of people from Dubai, total and random strangers and hopefully friends too.

As I walk around and approach and photograph random strangers I hope my friends will reach out and give me a chance to photograph them and catch up.

I am doing this to show the people of Dubai who are to me is the most amazing aspect of this city and a tribute to friends who have come and go, strangers who touch our lives in one way or another and everyone who make this magical place shine.

I will mainly be photographing on the Dubai Creek side as this is one of my favourite places in the city so if you want to be part of this project, do let me know by filling the bellow contact form and I’ll let you know when my next visit is so you can join me for a walk on the creek side a hot cup of karak tea and personal portrait.

I will be adding photographs to this entry, and sharing #MyDubai until 23rd of December so stay tuned… 🙂











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