Press Pause

These images were shot in Zanzibar in 2009. This was at a time when I decided to leave the corporate world for a while and pursue my passion in photography instead. The trip was elating, and encouraged me to focus on photography full-time upon my return.

I revisited these images and re-edited them recently in order to make the colors stand out more, (the same way they did in my memories.)

Sometimes all a person needs to do is press pause for a little bit, and the artistic outcome can be beautiful.

Was there a certain getaway trip you had that inspired you to create wonderful art? If so, please send your story my way.

Should you wish to contact me for a photoshoot or to learn more about the services I offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out on

2 thoughts on “Press Pause

  1. Breath Taking Picture. Really Great work. I am wondering how you would have captured it. As an photographer i can understand how much efforts are required to capture moment like these. Thumbs up for your work

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