_ISK6779-Edit-2Issa Saleh AlKindy, an Omani photographer, was reared in several countries across the Middle East and North Africa. His exposure to different cultures from an early age sparked a curiosity and infused in him an appreciation for ethnic heritage and modern traditions. These elements are evident in his photography, as they are depicted in assorted images of people, landscapes, and abstract forms.

Issa’s appreciation for the fine arts began in his adolescent years. His interest in photography was an accidental by-product of his effort to improve his drawing techniques. In high school, he enrolled in a photography course to learn to capture images of subjects he was interested in drawing or painting. Over the years, he developed an admiration for photography as an artistic medium of expression that enables him to convey a unique point of view when capturing a fleeting moment in time. He strives to portray the significance of that moment through a picture.

Issa is continuously evolving his skills by challenging himself to explore new techniques and to view common images from an uncommon perspective. He has participated in various photographic seminars taught by internationally renowned photographers.

His work has been featured on several covers of Forbes, and is a regular contributor to Marie Claire amongst other publications has received recognition in various competitions, such as the Art Dubai Authentic expressions, and the National Geographic Daily Dozen..

Issa currently resides in UAE and Oman offering various photography services for individuals, organizations, and corporations

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