The Two C’s: Creativity and Collaboration

Creative photography flourishes when artists from different genres with varying styles and backgrounds collaborate with each other. That is mainly because everyone has something great they can add to the table. Not only does this enable the creation of more ground breaking work, but it also encourages photographers, stylists, designers, and models to all learn from each other and keep evolving as artistic individuals. One of my collaboration projects was with Amani Al Shaali, a well-established and talented Emirati photographer, who is well-known for the mesmerizing stories her photographs unravel. I worked with her in an attempt to explore new styles. Working with Amani has really broadened the way I look at shoots, how I approach lighting in a project, and shown me a lot when it comes to post-processing and editing techniques. Below is the result of our collaboration. It is meant to capture that thin thread between despair and hope, darkness and light. I sincerely enjoyed working on this project.

unnamed (1)

The second collaboration project I worked on had a lot more individuals involved. Some may argue that the more cooks you have in the kitchen, the more unorganized the process will be. However, I disagree with that notion. The more talent you have in the room, the more likely it is that the conflicting ideas will collide and result in… pure creative magic. Here are the credits for the team involved:

Here is the outcome:

The look and feel we were trying to go for was that of an over-glamorized after party. The work was intended to look, fashionable, edgy, bold, colorful, and modern.


It was truly a pleasure working with these individuals. Although it was exhausting, I am sure each one of us left the shoot that day with a new learning.

What about you? Are there any collaboration stories you would like to share? I would love to hear from you!

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