Twin Jewels


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The production of beauty images is a long and intensive process that requires a considerable amount of planning. The work starts long before the shoot itself. The team and the creatives brainstorm concepts, plan ahead, and align on the work early on.

For this photoshoot in particular, I had the honor of collaborating with this wonderful team:

Sonia Martorana – Make Up

Edgard Saliba – Hair Stylist

Nadine Kanso – A Dubai-based jewelry designer and good friend of mine, who was kind enough to lend us some of her creations to incorporate into our shoot.

Marie and Lucile – Models

Shooting jewelry can be a tricky process on its own. There are so many factors to consider: lighting, which lens to use, creating a soft reflection, the list goes on. Shooting jewelry on models, however, is an entirely different and even more challenging territory. It requires that both elements (model and jewelry) are prominent, without one overpowering the other when it comes to reflections and lighting.

I have created a video to give you an idea on how these shoots usually go.


If you’re interested in seeing how the finalization of the images went, check out the below speed edit videos.

Should you wish to contact me for a photoshoot or to learn more about the services I offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out on

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