Search for Beauty

In my latest adventures, I’ve been venturing into beauty and fashion photography. I’ve done Lifestyle, Product, interior and environmental portraits for a while and I decided to try something new.
I found that shooting beauty images is helpful in pushing my creative and technical boundaries by getting me to experiment with things I’ve always known, but haven’t applied. I think the reason I never applied those thing is that I was afraid of trying. I wasn’t confident in my retouching and editing skills enough to do it. I was never a fan of relying on a third party for retouching, I enjoy the whole process from to start to finish. Over the last few months I’ve been honing my skills to the point where I feel like I’m comfortable enough to produce beauty and fashion images myself.

I’m constantly learning new things, and I’m always keen on applying what I’ve learned from these experimental test shoots in client shoots. I’m excited to share some of the images I’ve created with you guys:

4 thoughts on “Search for Beauty

  1. pretty strong sense of art and devotion that is seen in these photographs of yours. nowadays the so called “beauty ” ( whatever has been shown to public eye by mass media) has been slightly limited to certain kind , certain aspect etc. which is already a big mistake for everything and everyone is beautiful. maybe the secret of the most known images that fall under this category is that photographer has a powerful sense of self awareness that is open to embrace this world the way it is.
    for example your photos do show this quality that is a rare factor wherever you are in the world.
    these recent series that you have shown have something extra to them, as in whether one understands, likes the concept they will be poised by the gesture of your camera. firstly , it is not about the scenery, model yet about photographer who sees it from within and than other ingridients to photo add up without overshadowing photographer’s primary vision.

    do carry on with your art for this is all that we are and all that world can only ask for🙏

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