Adventures and Explorations

Over the last few months, I’ve gotten to experiment with a lot of different things. I tried to make the best out of the beautiful winter weather in the UAE, and do as many outdoors shoots as I can. As the season is coming to an end, I wanted to share some of my adventures with you guys.

It started with a shoot in Dubai Creek with Bader and Fatima


This year, I decided I needed to push myself. I feared getting stuck in a rut without realizing it, I feared the thought of my work becoming redundant and monotonous. I tried approaching photography in a new way and open up my mind to different ideas from different people.
Like this shoot I did in Hatta with Raluca



I gained a new perspective when I decided to dive into collaboration with other photographers. I met Emirati photographer Amani AlShaali during an exhibition that we both took part of. The exhibition took place in The Empty Quarter Gallery, the most established fine art photography gallery in the region. I showcased a series of images from my rose water project that I had spoken about in this blog post.

Amani and I agreed to start working together. Her style is radically different than mine. Most of the time, she approaches her work with meticulous planning. But there were days when I woke up to beautiful clouds, called her up, picked up a model, and went to shoot. No planning, nothing specific in mind – just the need to create something amazing.
And we did, here is the first image we worked on together:


These visual exploration exercises helped me stay fresh. I think they’re important in generating new work and keeping creativity going. I look forward to what the next few months are going to bring. But I think that now, with summer approaching fast, we’ll have to get creative indoors so we don’t torture models in 45 degree weather.

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