A bit of the Art in Dubai

Authentic Expressions 2015 Dubai has a vibrant and growing art scene, and events like Art Dubai bring global artists to both a local and regional audience. This year I was invited to cover Art Dubai from two prospectives; Marie Claire Arabia commissioned a story on female artists and their influence on the art scene, while Arabianeye invited me, along with two other photographers, to take part in a competition to capture our impressions of this festival. The first part day was straightforward as I had a clear direction from the editor and David J. Nightingale, a friend and mentor, was with me through the event. For the competition I decide to explore the interaction between the visitors and the different works of art displayed through out the show. Pick up issue 27 Apr 2015 of Marie Claire Arabi to see the my coverage of Art Dubai. Winning “Authentic Expressions” through social media vote, where I stood shoulder to shoulder with photographers I admire and look up to, was a great honour. _ISK6317-Edit_ISK6630-Edit_ISK6592-Edit   _ISK6528-Edit _ISK6421-Edit _ISK6779-Edit-2

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