Faces from Muscat

Last weekend I picked up my camera bag, called my cousin and headed out to the old part of Muscat to walk around and capture some street portraits, special thanks to Dr. Fahad AlKindy for coming along. For people who know me “coming along” translates to holding a boom with a soft box or as is known in photographer circles becoming a “VALS”.

Souk AlThalam “The dark Souk” the common name of this market is such a contradiction, to this place that offers a glimpse to the diverse and bright heritage of the people Oman a history and present that is characterised by tolerance and diversity.

Even with the growing number of tourists visiting the Muttrah Souk, it is still an important local destination for local people from Muscat and the rest of the country. This is where people come to buy a wide verity of goods from spices, perfumes, to jewellery and traditional cloths.

Exploring the Souq is like a treasure hunt, walking around the narrow alleyways lined with the little shops; It is easy to lose yourself for hours moving from one alleyway to another. At the end of this adventure you can take a break and have some traditional milk tea or a cold juice and a sandwich.



Unknown Man from Muscat with a cup of tea



A boy from the Ash Sharqiyah region of Oman visiting the Muttrah Souk with his elder brother



A man from Yemen working and living in Sur visiting the Muttrah Souk



A shop keeper from the Souq taking a break by the water front


3 thoughts on “Faces from Muscat

  1. The unknown man with a tea cup is amazing and very impressive , as if he has found internal joy by looking at the heavens .

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