Amman the city with a welcoming rhythm

The last time I was in Amman, was back in 1993 for a short visit to one of my dear friends. Over the years, the houses on the sides of of the hills under a beautiful blue sky and the warmth of it’s people is how I have always visualised this city.

After twenty one years of Amman growing geographically it has retained the warmth of it’s character, and the hospitality of it’s people.

I felt I should start my visit to Amman by visiting what I always felt was the heart of every city; the fruit and vegetable market, the place where real residents of a city converge to for their necessities and to me visual festival of colour and light.

The market welcomes you with it’s sounds and scents before you even actually reach it, with the rhythmic calls of the vendors announcing their prices in improvised and very catchy rhythms.

The welcoming smiles of the people, the smell of fresh fruits and songs of the vendors set the rhythm for me as I started exploring this beautiful country and it’s amazing people.


Tomato vendor calling for his produce in the old market in Amman, Jordan.


Banana Seller Calling for his products


Vegitble vender keeping his products fresh


Apples and Peaches

3 thoughts on “Amman the city with a welcoming rhythm

  1. The pictures are so alive that you don’t only see the Colors but you also listen and touch them , in other words you indulge your Senses in a simple and humane way .

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