Calm in the storm

In our fast paced society, where constant improvement and the next best thing are the prevalent conditions, Abu Mohammed starts his day before sunrise to make a living from a fast disappearing profession using traditional methods in city evolving at break neck speeds.

On a rare stormy Dubai morning, it was still very dark out as I drove on the Sofouh road headed to Jumeirah fishing port. Driving through the sparse rain and looking at the lighting across the horizon, I wasn’t all too sure that I’d be able to achieve what I set out to do, at four in the morning.

I arrived at the Jumairah fishing pier just before Sunrise, to find a busy hub of movement, a bustle of sound, as workers readied their small fishing boats for the day’s work ahead; loading fish traps, fuel tanks and checking engines.

Abu Mohammed arrives at the pier and greets me, with his calm demeanour; a stark contrast to the turbulent weather around him! He asks me if I’m okay with hitting the sea waters in this weather, I nod back in agreement as I double-check that I have spare batteries and memory cards on hand. I jump on the boat and we head out.









Sunrise over cloudy Dubai








2 thoughts on “Calm in the storm

  1. Your photographs, soundtrack, and narrative describe a life that you see as different. Did Abu Muhammad share this view of separation?

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