Our hospitality…

Our hospitality...

The Arabian Gulf region is well known for it’s rich heritage and culture. I was really lucky to have a chance to work with a group of young Emiratis working on a web site documenting their local food heritage.
We wanted a fresh and modern look that didn’t take attention away from the food that was photographed, and yet captured the cultural spirt of the project.

Working with Mary-kei Macfarlane who is one of the top food stylist in UAE. who played an integral part in translating the client’s brief into reality with her experience and vision.

The shots were produced using a prospective correcting lens “Tilt & Shift” this allowed me be selective on my focal plain, and the ability to use focus to highlight the key parts of the image. Lighting was from a medium sized soft box on camera left, I used bounce cards to fill in the shadows and control reflections.

I was very happy to see the team from barzh.ae presenting their work at a start up event last week and walked away with a sense of pride and satisfaction being part of this project.

Visit www.barzh.ae to learn more about Emirati food and see the remaining body of work.

The hardest part of this project was the timing; I had to work with all these delicious dishes while fasting as this project was executed durring the Holy month of Ramadhan.

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