Not something I do often… Pink Sunrise over Dubai

Not done often

Sunrise shot of the Dubai skyline taken from the Jumaira public beach, This image was shot along with David J. Nightingale you can see his version of this image here

Over the last 2 years I have been shooting less and less landscapes and cityscapes as my interest shifted more towards capturing people and working on constructed shoots, where I get to control the image with lighting and so on.

I spent 3 days going around Dubai with David as he was shooting his assignment, it was hard not to point the camera in the same direction as he did. This got me to realise that I needed to work harder to find a different and fresh prospective when treating the subject.

Leading me to the point of getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new and challenging…
I’m sure this image would sit nicely on your computer as a desk top wall paper, so feel to use it for that.

4 thoughts on “Not something I do often… Pink Sunrise over Dubai

  1. Thanks for the beautiful idea! Would you know more places that i can enjoy a quiet peaceful sunrise in the UAE?

      • Oh I see. 😦 any specific location on the palm since it is just a straight road, no place to sit like the beach? Also, is the entire beach now blocked. Don’t think so….

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