Photo walk

I organized to go on a photo walk with some friends this weekend to one of the older parts of Dubai. The idea was to walk around the Mina Bazaar and capture what ever was of interest.

For many of the participants this was the first time they taking part in a photo walk.

As I went around the market and started approaching people who I found appealed to me I started thinking about an important aspect of photography that I think for many it passes unnoticed; communication.

I believe the stronger portraits that I captured were the ones where I had a chance to communicate with the person on the other side of the camera by asking them about themselves and showing interest in what they did and who they were. This way the images came out communicating who the person was.

This lead me to think about other aspects of photography and how important communication was between the photographer and the client to build understanding and trust and help with the development of ideas that reflect expectations.

I always asked my self what my images are saying and how they mange to communicate the ideas and concepts that I have in mind when I make them. these are questions that I still need time to answer.

What are your thoughts how important is communication in photography what do you think is the best way to deliver your idea, and if you work as a photographer what is the best way to grasp the idea of your client?

I hope to see your thoughts and comments

This is the link to the rest of the images from the walk “Mina Bazaar Walk”

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