The Rubber Chicken is Out

I have always been told by photographers who have mentored me about the importance of working on personal projects. Now that I have completed what I can truly call a full project I see the significance of working through one.

This project was born at the spur of the moment but it instantly took form in my mind. I knew what I wanted to do with the idea. I didn’t expect for it to go as far as it has. but I knew why I wanted to make these images and what I was saying with them.

I was lucky that the project attracted the attention of amazing people who took part and help me make it what it is.

This is the final outcome of the Rubber Chicken I hope you enjoy it, and if you do I hope you share it with your friends. This is dedicated to everyone who has taken part, special thanks to my friend Khaled ‘Termite’ Termanini a great photographer for his contribution in the editing direction, but more then that for sticking the chicken into the frame as I was taking a portrait of Harun another friend from the local photography community

For me I can’t wait for my next photography project to take shape so I can start photographing.

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